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A travel blog that explains how to get to Atlantic City from NYC and also offers some suggestions on what to do while you are there.

Day trip to Sandy Hook, New Jersey

A travel blog about taking the ferry from New York City to Sandy Hook, New Jersey for a day to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

How to Save Money on Broadway Tickets

A travel blog with five suggestions that will help you save money on Broadway show tickets when you are in New York City. via @2travelingtxns

Rodin Around the World

A travel blog about some of the places that you can see the works of the artist Auguste Rodin including Paris, Philadelphia, Dallas, and NYC.

Dyker Heights Brooklyn - Christmas on Steroids

A travel blog about venturing out to the Dyker Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn to see the spectacular Christmas Light displays. #nyc via @2travelingtxns

St. Barts for the Day

Travel blog about a day trip to St. Barts from St. Martin with suggestions on what to see, eat, and drink. Also, includes information on the ferry. via @2travelingtxns

Koreatown: A Little Seoul in NYC

A travel blog that provides ideas on how to spend an evening in the Koreatown neighborhood in NYC - good food and karaoke.

Take a Walk on 5 Urban Trails in Salt Lake City

The urban trails in Salt Lake City Utah offer the perfect balance of wilderness and accessibility.

Travel Fees We Hate and How to Avoid Them

A travel blog about annoying travel fees that are becoming more common and some suggestions of different ways that you can avoid them. via @2travelingtxns