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Finally-This product actually WORKS against the Japanese Beetle. Optrol is an EPA-approved, professional strength imidacloprid product now available to home gardeners. http://www.scoop.it/t/anchors-sales-company/p/1519367255/finally-this-product-actually-works-against-the-japanese-beetle

The Queen's Sitting Room in the White House. Designed by Jackie Kennedy and S. Boudin 1962. www.pinkpillbox.com

In an effort to not paint any walls, this blogger challenged herself to transform her walls in completely renter-friendly ways. A year later, everything is down off the walls and she's revealing what worked and what didn't!

bhg.com: Create a seasonal greeting with cookie cutters. Add letters to a shelf, a mantel, or entryway. Choose inexpensive cutters from a discount kitchen store for a uniform display or group a set of mismatched styles from your cupboards. Anchor each letter with poster adhesive or removable poster tape.

The house moves in an orderly way in two directions. An East-West axis creates a path from the front door to a lake view, while floor to ceiling windows along a North-South axis frame the surrounding garden and forest. A sculptural staircase anchors the intersection of the two main axes. Throughout the interior, ceiling heights and room volumes vary, becoming more spacious in the rooms that open toward views. Roof extensions and light shelves create clear definition between vertical spaces…

Giants plan pop-up beer garden, shops in section of parking lot The San Francisco Giants will convert a portion of their parking lot across the Lefty O’Doul Bridge from AT&T Park into a year-round pop-up venue with an Anchor Steam beer garden, coffee shop, retail stores and a waterfront deck. Dubbed the Yard, the 18,000-square-foot project is being pitched as a way to activate a portion of the property while the team works on winning approvals for its much bigger Mission Rock project — a…

Students put the FUN in functional design at PS75Q in NY! Regram via @rubentaughtme:"Each playground design is anchored by the idea of collaboration from students participating in design sessions with TPL Playgrounds Staff and Architects to working with agencies funders and elected officials to get all the permits approvals and funding in place. PS 75Q as a Special Needs School has extraordinary leadership behind it making it really clear that the students come first. The new garden will…

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