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But....what if you and your soulmate both have brown eyes......

eye colour soulmate au// imagine this the other way though. Meeting your soul mate and one of your eyes changing to theirs.

dear every pants manufacturer..

So true! Fake pockets are the worst. I say "Pants pocket equality!

The truth about people with vaginas. Yes, yes we are badasses. We may be absolutely crazy, have insane mood swings, and cry at television commercials, but we bleed for 5 to 7 days, And We. Don't. Die.

I mean like just shout out to the guys who actually try to understand periods. (Also, srry for the language). Now I can laugh for the rest of my life.

Lucky! Got to leave for lunch junior and senior year?!

Find you loopholes, kids.<<<<< wow These are regular business people Congrats to loopholes

I must be hella attractive, all I do is smile and laugh all day, it's my personality.

bahaha, but seriously! This is a pretty cool fact. lol thats comment, there are 2 kinds of people, but well that fact makes sense

Oh my god. Defenestration. The act of throwing someone out of a window that's great.

yeee I discovered the word defenestration a few years ago when I was looking through my grandpa's graded papers (he's an English professor) and I now use it on a daily basis isn't english gREAT