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Can you say Ren Fest gear?

How to get massive cleavage when cosplaying…or when you cant wear a shirt because you're part of the itty bitty titty comity.

How to get massive cleavage when cosplaying…

This is a funny and comes quite handy if a character you cosplay has big boobs. Like Lara Croft, for instance! : D - - - Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial by ~pomp-berry on deviantART.I wouldn't do this for everyday but maybe for some pics or something

DIY Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - Archer and Lana Cosplay Couples Costume Idea via Fashionably Geek

DIY Funny, Clever and Unique Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Cosplay of Archer and Lana. I seriously want to do this for Halloween next year D: now I just need a man to be archer

8 Wolverine Cosplays - The X-Men cosplay we've ever seen! I think this one would be better if his claws were not out on the cigar hand.

Nailed it! This Russian cosplayer is a dead ringer for Wolverine. - 8 Wolverine Cosplays (Comment not mine.

Tutorial - acessórios da Mulher Maravilha

Late is better than never, right?(I must thank my friend Holly of Elite Cosplay for turning me onto Worbla, and Kamuis great tutorials! On Kamuis site theres more in-depth videos on how to work with Worbla and Wonderflex)<<<Cosplay Tutorial

One of the best Joker's cosplay I've ever seen!

One of the best Joker's cosplay I've ever seen!

The Joker. This is so creepy cool ! Suddenly makes us remember the great actor, Heath Ledger who untimely passed away at the peak of his acting career after his brilliant portrayal of The Joker in the movie The Dark Knight.

Lady Thor

Do you like cosplay? Do you like sexy girls? Do you like sexy girls in cosplay? I share it all, plus suicide girls, random nude girls, and other geek stuff!

Hellequin Mask from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood by Jugsyjinx

Hellequin Mask from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Tutorial

Hellequin Mask Tutorial from Assassins Creed Brotherhood- could use reference to make different masks

Сохранённые фотографии – 7 896 фотографий

Just finished Legend of Korra yesterday and I'm super obsessed. This Asami cosplay is legitimate! Asami Sato, Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Portal done right

Portal done right

Funny pictures about Portal Done Right. Oh, and cool pics about Portal Done Right. Also, Portal Done Right photos.

Cosplayer Makes Cell-Shaded Jeans For Borderlands Costume

Cosplayer Makes Cell-Shaded Jeans For Borderlands Costume

Cosplayer extraordinaire Kirameku is in the midst of a Borderlands cosplay for the ages, based on her jeans at least.It's hard to bring that unique . View "Cosplayer's Borderlands Jeans Are Cel-Shaded Perfection" and more funny posts on Dorkly