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This is part 4 in the “Autism Rules” series highlighting some common aspects of parenting. The term “rule” is used very loosely but hopefully you relate to a few of th…

Oh gosh that's for sure, but why they used Andy Lincoln and Norman Reedus for this quote is weird but a bonus.

Autism parent

Autism parents be like… yes… take the book… get in the car… ok the pillow too… yea… and the comforter… just get in the car… fine take the couch… whatever… the teacher can deal with this.

Parents of children with special needs, need not blame themselves. Your child is who they are and they are lucky to have you! #special #needs #parenting

A child's speech & language development (easy or difficult) has less to do with mom or dad than they usually give themselves credit for!

10 Things Special Needs and Autism Moms Wish You Knew - Finding Ninee

10 Things Special Needs Moms Wish You Knew

Sesame Street Live Ticket Giveaway Announcement (Video by Tucker), Thankful For 2014 And Looking Forward to 2015 - Finding Ninee

That's my house... Just a warning! :-D

Funny but true ! We are an autism family. You'll find that - at any given point - our child believes that pants are optional. You've been warned.

I have basically packed my son the same lunch for 293 straight days.

For trystan its grilled cheese sanwiches. Yep (autism parents will understand) mine eats pizza every day of the week at school lol