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Pigeon Necklaces

Pigeon Ring Necklace With sterling silver chain All pigeon ring necklaces comes with a individual description of the pigeon, their racing information and their likes and dislikes, some have come from as far as England, Japan and Hawaii.

baby pigeon pictures

About Mommy and Daddy Pigeon and Baby Pigeons (2-4 days)

Ever notice how you never see baby pigeons around? That's because they spend up to TWO MONTHS in the nest! That's way longer than the average baby birds which stay for only 2 to 3 weeks.

Commando, a red chequer cock pigeon was used in service with the British armed forces during the Second World War to carry crucial intelligence. The pigeon carried out more than ninety missions during the war, and received the Dickin Medal (the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross) for three particularly notable missions in 1942.

Awarded to Commando, a red chequer cock pigeon, for gallantry with the Resistance and Special Operations Executive in France during 1942

Homing Pigeons by Gary Romig in the style of Fulton

Terrierman's Daily Dose: Maladaptive Pigeons at the Hand of Man

NL.03-1030814 "De Dijk", Legendary breeder and racer from Paul Groeneveld, Honselerdijk

"De Dijk", Legendary breeder and racer from Paul Groeneveld, Honselerdijk

CARRIER PIGEON MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS HIGH FLYING ACROBATS reliable with no risk of CYBER ATTACK ... maybe we should use more traditional messaging jokes Director, James Rickman @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM Did you know over 54,000 homing pigeons delivered messages during World War II. Many carrier pigeons were awarded military special medals of honor for their service. Learn more about the fascinating history @ AMERICAN RACING PIGEON ASSOCIATION - CLICK HERE http://www.pigeon.org/

Brilliant Beasts Pigeon Genius (National Geographic) In Pigeon Genius learn how these birds navigate their way home, flying hundreds of miles through unfamil.

Comb. Verweij de Haan Mijdrecht

The base of our own strain are the Dordins.