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David Davis MP explains the government's new plans to invade our privacy in the draft Communications Bill, and how 38 Degrees members can persuade their MPs.

The modern phenomenon of bullshit jobs

Government snooping plans - David Davis briefing and Q

On April, volunteers from the 38 Degrees office team handed in nearly of our members' complaints about HMRC cosying up to tax dodgers.

On Sunday evening the 38 Degrees team boxed up the climate change petition and travelled down to 'sunny' Brighton to hand in our people powered.

Mayoral hust on children and families in London

On April, staff and volunteers from the 38 Degrees and Unlock Democracy handed in over of our members' complaints regarding the recent reve.

CCG Grassroots action Degrees] - campaign I worked on.

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Here’s a really cool, and actually quite accurate, description of how somebody becomes a pope. So, if you want to become pope, check out this video.

Alex Jones threatens violence and loses his shit over his maniacal gun obsession: "Piers Morgan 'debates' Alex Jones.although it's not really a debate. Alex Jones sounds like he needs a straight jacket-completely bat shit.

Watch a Woman Experience 100 Instances of Street Harassment In One Day

Stop street harassment! In 10 hours, she walked silently with two mics in her hands. During that time, instances of verbal harassment took place.

Openly dismissive of national remembrance, Patch never lost an opportunity to condemn warfare, berate those who created conflict, and to remind audiences that all soldiers were victims.