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Among the giant plants in the Carboniferous forests were Cordaites, an early relative of conifers; Calamites, a bushy horsetail; Medullosa,a seed fern (a plant with seeds and fern-like leaves); Psaronius, a tree fern; and Paralycopodites and Lepidophloios, lycopsids (scaly, pole-like trees with cones). Lepidophloios could grow to 40 m (132 ft), but most of today’s lycopsids, known as quillworts and club mosses, grow only a few centimeters high.

Reconstruction of the Mesolithic settlement at Sand, Applecross in Wester Ross by Phil Austin. Thanks to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland for permission to reproduce. This image is part of the Scotland’s First Settlers Project.

The Cretaceous period had much more dinosaurs species than the Jurassic or Triassic. Description from I searched for this on