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ellen jewet amazing sculpture,plant+metal
Ellen Jewett...WOW! One of my ALL TIME favorite fantasy sculptor artists! Her work is amazing. I must go to her studio and see them ALL in person cause I'm guessing photos just don't do them justice!
Ellen Jewett‘s strange, elaborate, poetic hybrid creatures fuse fauna with flora and even machine. Intricate branches and herbage flower off of the delicate limbs of these mysterious beings. Often exuding a sadness, or bearing a fantastic burden reminiscent of Dali’s elephants, they are beautiful and have an inimitable grace.
Мифический мир Эллен Джеветт (Ellen Jewett) Арт-проект Эллен Джеветт: сюрреалистические животные - это скульптуры мифических существ, которые являются комбинацией частей тела разнообразных животных.
Natural History Surrealism. Ellen Jewett Sculptures
Ellen Jewett
Amazing Sculpture by Ellen Jewett
L’Artiste Canadienne Ellen Jewett crée de Magnifiques Sculptures d'Animaux Fantasmagoriques. Elles Fusionnent Vie Animale et Vie Végétale et sont Réalisées en Argile, sur Armatures Métalliques
Ellen Jewett Merges Animals And Plants In To Otherworldly Sculptures [2015]. - Album on Imgur
CUSTOM ORDER- Personal Creature This work is so interesting and creative. All one of a kind custom made sculptures.
Ellen Jewett Merges Animals And Plants In To Otherworldly Sculptures [2015]. - Album on Imgur
~Ellen Jewett tarafından hayvan heykeller.
Natural History Surrealism. Ellen Jewett Sculptures
As wildly apparent in her enchanting and elaborate designs, sculptor Ellen Jewett believes that "there is no such thing as too much detailing." Known for her surreal sculptures, the Canadian artist combines flora, fauna, and fantasy to craft fanciful composites of creatures. With an eclectic background that spans anthropological studies, stop motion animation, medical illustration, and even the care of exotic animals, Jewett draws inspiration from a myriad of sources. Her art is molded by…
ellen jewett sculpture every works is very long to be finished because jewett spends months on the drawing and just when satified starts with real materials