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types of clouds-print and have laminated. Put in basket w/towels or blankets for kids to lay down on...and watch the clouds!

types of clouds - knowing trivial but still scientific things like this helps me feel like the all-knowing mom that I'm hoping my kids will continue to believe I am. The PSAT/SAT vocabulary word for "all knowing" is "omniscient.

european geography activities | 00620a35f928895cc4fa53a721c9204b.jpg

A great tool for emphasizing geography. I could see using this to break down areas of study with fewer locations per quiz. -NJ europe map quiz and other quizzes on this great website for

Countries by alphabet

'P' is for Portugal with this next alphabetical worksheet from KidsPressMagazine! Help your child conduct an independent study into this fascinating country!

Süper Uzay Etkinlikleri

This page includes solar system cutting activitiy with prepared by me for my sweet girl.

Your students will love building this 3-D topographical map to help them understand geography and its terminology.

Your students will love building this topographical map to help understand geography and its terminology.

FREE Craftivity! This is a simple cut-and-paste collage style compass rose craft.  It helps kids understand how a compass rose... read more

Teaching Map Skills

Teaching geography helps - continent fact files and flash cards for children to write down important continent information, from HomeschoolCreations.net.

Continents Fact Files Printable - Geography Printables

Continent fact files - free geography printables for learning about the continents. Includes blank, divided, and labeled maps for recording geography information.