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I love this idea of creating a peace table in the classroom and even at home too ! Setting the Peace Table: Children & Conflict Resolution | i heart montessori

Peace Table at Home - Montessori approach to helping children learn to peacefully resolve conflicts/disagreements. (lots of other Montessori resources here too)

Peace and Quiet corner. I like the dolls to play act better conflict resolution... instead of beating the snot out of each other... siblings!

This is a picture of our classroom& Peace Corner. The basket on the right holds several little cloth dolls to be used for play acting, co.

Montessori Monday - How to Prepare a Peace Corner

Montessori Monday - How to Prepare a Peace Corner

Many linky buttons etc.How to Prepare a Peace Corner (Montessori-inspired ideas that work well at home or school for conflict resolution and encouraging peaceful behaviors and attitudes)

My Montessori Classroom

My Montessori Classroom - Peace Table


A Time to Reflect

Conflict resolution at the peace table

Qué es y como se utiliza la mesa de la paz? - Our peace corner • Montessori en Casa

Qué es y como se utiliza la mesa de la paz? - Our peace corner • Montessori en Casa

Peace Basket for when somebody needs some quiet, alone time.  Contains a whelk shell for the girls to hold up to their ears to hear the ocean (they have to be very still and quiet to hear the sounds of the "waves"), a finger labyrinth to trace, a cinnamon stick to smell, a book to read (When I Make Silence by Jennifer Howard), and our Starry Night Bottle to shake and then watch the "stars" settle to the bottom.

Does your child need a quiet, peaceful space or help with conflict resolution? Roundup post at livingmontessorin.) with lots of Montessori-inspired peace education ideas that work at home or school

Montessori-Inspired Peace Education Activities

Montessori-Inspired Peace Education Activities

We could use a little, okay a LOT, of this in my classroom->Montessori-Inspired Peace Education Activities (roundup post with LOTS of ideas for home or school)

The Peace Table - Fairy Dust Teaching

The Peace Table

The Peace Table - Fairy Dust Teaching

Wonderful book to have in the classroom. Shows children a positive way deal with differences.

Beginning of the year curriculum (lots of resources too!

Montessori Peace Corner | Montessori Homeschooling | Preschooler | Conflict Resolution for Kids | Montessori Nature

Montessori Peace Corner - Powerful Way To Resolve Conflicts

Montessori Peace Corner - Powerful Way To Resolve Conflicts - Montessori Nature

Montessori classroom area | hope this gives you some ideas for how to set up your own learning environments.

Montessori classroom setup - idea for chalk board holder

.when we move.. This will happen!

An excellent food preparation area created on the bottom shelf of the pantry at home. Learning to prepare food, clean up messes, and be independent while feeding yourself are amazing steps in Montessori Practical Life.

Montessori Classroom - Love how the shelves make three different areas in the middle of the classroom

Montessori Classroom - The positioning of the shelves leaves the room super open.

The Work Plan: 100 Acts of Kindness ( Montessori Monday)

Montessori-Inspired Peace Education Activities at Living Montessori Now Acts of Kindness Peace Table Photo from The Work Plan)

Laundry Skills May be fun to use during laundry unit

Hanging cloths/life skill task for preschoolers (and great fine motor!