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3D printer Standard filament guide & comparison chart - 3DprinterChat

3D Printer Filament Guide & Comparison Chart

Look our new printer filament guide & comparasion chart and learn how to print from standard through exotic filament with only one printer.

Compare Different 3D-Printer Filament Materials - Hestay

This page will give you more information in the difference between different filament materials.

3D Tools Comparison Chart

3D Tools Comparison Chart

Emerging Objects will fabricate a 3D-printed room or building-sized cement envelope, roof or skin by the end of the year.

Emerging Objects Plans to 3D-Print Entire Rooms and Buildings

The Cement Polymer material is a strong and rigid material that can be fiber…

How to build a 3D printer from scratch

Is printing the wave of the future? Have you heard of the Rep-Rap? It's an open-source DIY self-replicating printer.

a screenshot of a chart comparing 3D printer specifications

Demystifying 3D Printer Specifications

Formlabs' Jon Bryant shares insights gleaned from working with hundreds of industry professionals on better ways to evaluate printer solutions.


What is the best flexible filament for my printing needs?

Objet introduces new materials for 3D printers Slide4

With three new base materials, Objet introduces 39 new Digital Materials for its Connex printers