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Makeup FX Tech | Special Effects Makeup News | Tutorials: Oscar 2015 Make-up and Hairstyling Spotlight - The Grand Budapest Hotel Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier.

You do not deserve this, you did not make him do this, this is not your fault......leave now because it will only get worse, or maybe next time he will kill you!

dark knight rises on set photos | On the Set of The Dark Knight Rises - The Dark Knight Rises Photo ...

I love the skin tones achieved! Looks almost infant skin like. A great costume would really set the make up off

18 Tips On How To Actually Use A Beautyblender Makeup Sponge

If you regularly wear foundation (or concealer or contour makeup) and you’re not using a Beautyblender or any makeup sponge, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously. I, too, once believed that there was nothing special about the little egg-shaped sponge that is known as a Beautyblender.

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