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topismyseoulmate: Edits of Choi Seunghyun~ 136/ ∞ First time Ive seen it -.- Rest assured I loves it though lol

Ha Ji-won and Lee Jin-wook get friendly for Time I’ve Loved You’s press conference » Dramabeans » Deconstructing korean dramas and kpop culture

I pull out my phone and listen to that song. Sometimes I even get up and dance. Yes. I dance. In the middle of class. I dance. To SHERLOCK. why? Because I'm curious, yeah~

This is like the exact definition of my life~ This is why I just say I love them all I don't even try to pick a fav especially because of #EXO

Omo exactly! People say "Why do you listen if you can't understand it?" It's because the music makes me happy.

LMAO, Jin was written twice. Lol I love how V isn't event mentioned. I can't really see that cutie getting mad