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Clever web design - (kind of like "parallax" design) http://www.newzealand.com/us/ - You have to click it to see this site in action.

The Official Site for New Zealand Tourism

A delightful scrolling site design ... inspiration ... http://www.soleilnoir.net/believein/#/start

Nice parallax scroll site, but doesn't seem to be very content driven.

TokioLab! Realizzazione Siti Web Milano

Great example of parallax design - dynamic text display to grab your attention.

ACTIVATE - A Turn for the Better

ACTIVATE - A Turn for the Better this is an fantastic website design. i love how the images and text move as scroll. now we can make website fun and interactive allowing a more fun user time.

Another awesome horizontal scroll website, kinda funny in a manner, i really liked this one.

I love this guys' website. It was the inspiration for my new site.

Another great moving site that makes sense. Click through to website...

Sweet site, yet another example of parallax scrolling.

This site will come in handy when I want to figure out what the hell to put on.

Ignore the black pin. Beautiful scrolling with masks of background images. Look closely at what the bkg images do by clicking to the website and scrolling down. Now try with your arrow keys.