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For The Blind Sophie Calle photographed people who are blind and asked them what their image of beauty was. In the resulting work she presents a framed black and white or color portrait of each subject (men and women of a variety of ages), a framed statement describing their idea of beauty, and one or more color photographs illustrating their description. The Blind explores the imagination and experiences of those who have never seen as interpreted by one who does see--artist Calle.  The…

‘The Blind’, Sophie Calle asked blind people to describe what beauty is. The last one is empty- he said he didn't need beauty in his brain.

Sophie Calle, from Doubles-Jeux (Livre I), De l'obéissance — Thursday: Green. In this book, Sophie Calle observed the Maria's chromatic diet (Leviathan, Paul Auster), that was: one specific colour menu for each day of the week.

A dieta cromática de Sophie Calle

Thursday : Green - Chromatic Diet, by Sophie Calle who spent 7 days eating colour coordinated meals

Sophie Calle, from "Doubles-jeux, Livre V, L'Hôtel" — above : "Chambre 24. 2 mars / 5 mars" — below : "Chambre 30. 24 février / 27 février".

Sophie Calle, from "Doubles-jeux, Livre V, L'Hôtel" Calle is one of the photographers I have looked at during this unit.

Sophie Calle, Voir la mer (See the Sea), 2010

Sophie Calle - Voir la Mer/See the Sea, 2011 (The filmed reactions of individuals who lived in Istanbul but who encountered the sea for the first time)

TITLE: 	 Exquisite Pain (Count Down - 52)  	 ARTIST: 	Sophie Calle (French, b.1953)    (beautiful beautiful)

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