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Dave Franco. my address is hidden. come at me bro. Say that Dave. He is a saver. Sir do not fuck with Dave as Bradley Cooper is a stage name she knows as an admitted ghost writer. She hated the Hunger Games. She did.

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Just when I think James is hotter, I remember Dave. I have to marry one of the Franco brothers.

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Obaku @obakudenmark Finally it's Frid...Instagram photo

Dave Franco is nice looking too.. but he'll never beat James

Dave Franco is nice looking too. but he'll never beat James

Including Hayes. I found a reason to motivate myself for working out. Every time I do one sit-up or push-up or something you count by one, I name off a boy. Once I've named off all ten. I start over again and do that so I remind myself they wouldn't want me to give up. And I keep going till I've finished my reps

MagCon is my inspiration and motivation. Every single time I look at their faces, it makes me want to work-out, so that I think that the MagCon boys will visit Australia in I look prepared for them

I think growing up did Jeremy Sumpter some justice #peterpan #stillhaveacrush

You're lying to yourself if you say you don't have a crush on Jeremy Sumpter (AKA Peter Pan)