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Otto Steiner

Otto Steinert Lamps of the Place de la Concorde III photographer Otto Steinert experimented with form and technique to explore photography as a mode of personal expression.

Artist Allison Long Hardy

Conglomeration, small, x hand-pulled abstract copperplate intaglio etching plate on x paper

Unwound Cassette Tape” (2012) Christian Marclay experimented with the photogram cyanotype’s ability to mark time. His “Unwound Cassette Tape” (2012) is a skinny, five-foot-tall print, showing the unraveled plastic innards of a cassette, with the tape accumulating at its base like a mound of translucent fettuccine. The different shades that correspond to the various buildups of tape are a trace of the unwinding, suggestive of what was once whole and of its ongoing destruction.

In British scientist Sir John Herschel experimented with the effect of light on iron compounds, inventing a process to produce the blue-tinted prints we know as cyanotypes.

Unusual Point of View - Worth1000 Contests

Hein Schlebusch - Silhouette of an electricity pylon shot from right below with grey storm clouds above.

Pascal Convert

Pascal Convert