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Kollarındaki ve parmaklarındaki dokunma hissini kaybeden adama uygulanan ameliyat, dünyada bir ilkin de gerçekleşmesine vesile oldu. ...

Scientists develop 'Wolverine'-inspired material that heals itself

The material, which was inspired in part by the regenerative ability of the comic book antihero Wolverine, could someday be used to improve the lifespan of electronic devices or develop self-repairing robots.

#13FootTall #Korean mech suit aims to assist with #Fukushima cleanup....

Of Internet-connected Crock-pots, cars, smartwatches The CES show floor shows how we've arrived at the Internet of Things Wi-Fi-enabled Jarden Crock-pot

Our corner of the Milky Way might be bigger than previously thought

It's difficult to take a galactic selfie, but scientists have found a way to learn more about the structure of our galaxy from within it. And, they say, our models are becoming more complex.

Is there anybody out there? Quest for alien life gets $100 million boost

Russian tech entrepreneur Yuri Milner, left, speaks next to renowned physicist Stephen Hawking during a press conference in London, Monday, July Image

China reveals robocop that can zap rioters with electricity.... …

Scientists have for the first time observed the formation of clouds on an exoplanet – and they just might be made of the same stuff of sapphires and rubies.

A Light Bulb Goes On, Over the Mall

A Light Bulb Goes On, Over the Mall Very interesting stuff going on here...this is a glimpse into the internet of things. The future is here and you'd better be ready or you're gonna be left waaaay behind.