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President Obama’s strategy to face radical Islam has been one of obfuscation, denial and lack of action, former Islamic extremist Maajid Nawaz said on “The Kelly File” tonight. Nawaz said from comparing ISIS to a “JV team” to allowing the red line to be crossed in Syria, Obama has displayed either no strategy or a...

© Brooks Kraft. President Obama speaks in the rain during a campaign rally in Glen Allen, Va. July 14, 2012.

The one thing that most people love about President Barack Obama is his ability to relate to a meager lifestyle. Description from yourblackworld.net. I searched for this on bing.com/images

A Russian newspaper fears a Third World War with the US over Syria. Tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets predicts a “direct military confrontation” on par with the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US suspended contact with Russia over Syria on Monday.

Another slap in the face for Britain: the Obama administration sides with Argentina and Venezuela in OAS declaration on the Falklands

WASHINGTON -- Even as he beseeches former colleagues in Congress to vote for President Barack Obama’s plan to bomb Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry made it clear in an interview with The Huffington Post that he thinks the president has the right to order air strikes in the face of congressional disapproval. If that scenario were to materialize -- a bombing campaign after a "no" vote -- the result would almost certainly be an impeachment drive in the Republican-controlled House of…

Syria Dominates as Obama and Putin Meet - NYTimes.com SAN JOSE DEL CABO, Mexico — President Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir V. Putin, finally had their face-to-face meeting on Monday, as Mr. Obama pressed Mr. Putin to work with him to ease President Bashar al-Assad of Syria out of power, a move increasingly viewed by the West as the only way to end the bloodshed that has been under way there for more than a year.

Narro Reading of Obama is going out in a blaze of self-interest Of all Barack Obamas costumes the most ill-fitting is that of the hawk. The guise doesnt work for all sorts of ideological and historical reasons. Plus theres the fact that hes rushing to put on the outfit as hes heading out the door. The new sanctions against Russia are fine with me on the merits even if they are remarkably tardy and being sold in no small part for domestic political reasons. Russian President Vladimir…

9/28/15 - "We Have Watched a Steady Decline of American Influence Under Obama". . . Newt Gingrich went "On The Record" tonight to discuss President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin's dueling speeches on the crisis in Syria and the first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders in nearly a year.

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