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A complete and detailed definition of the Holocaust

During World War II, Lithuanians murdering Jews with steel bars. Trained by Nazis the Lithuanians were the ultimate murdering scum as most Europeans

1941-1943, Poland --- Naked women and children stand in the line for the gas chambers at the concentration camp in Treblinka, near Warsaw, Poland

Last survivors of the 'forgotten' death factory: Two Jewish pals tell horrifying story of Nazi camp

This is one of the most profound pictures I have ever seen of the holocaust. Women holding their children; waiting to be executed in the gas chambers. NOTE Lets never forget this inhumanity. Remember history seems to repeat itself.

W.W. II, Once these camps were discovered, liberating military often forced local German civilians to tour them to see for themselves the atrocities that took place under their noses. "The people around us refused to listen; and even those who listened refused to believe; and even those who believed could not comprehend. Of course they could not. Nobody could. The experience of the camps defies comprehension.”

Citizens of Ludwigslust, Germany, inspect a nearby concentration camp under orders of the Airborne Division on May Bodies of victims of German prison camps were found dumped in pits in yard, one pit containing 300 bodies.

Austrian. Soldier executing Serbian woman

Austria-Hungarian soldiers executing Serbian women civilians during World War I occupation, Mačva,

The ustaše guards pose for photo while also showing their cruelty. Die Ustascha waren kroatische Faschisten, die mit der deutschen Wehrmacht und den Nazis kollaborierten.

The Holocaust’s Most Vicious Killers During the Holocaust, one group of killers stood out as more vicious, murderous, and bloodthirsty than all others. The Ustasha of Yugoslavia was a Muslim-Catholic alliance of Nazi killers

Serbs and Gypsies who have been rounded up for deportation are marched to the Kozara and Jasenovac concentration camps.

Serbs and Romanies (Gypsies) who have been rounded up for deportation are marched to the Kozara and Jasenovac concentration camps.

Ww2 • Prisoners from Buchenwald awaiting execution in the forest near the camp..the more i see, the more it breaks my heart...look at the complacency of one of the SS men in the background...hands behind his back...perhaps talking about the beauty of the surroundings?

Execution of polish prisoners of war in the forest near Buchenwald in Germany, 26 april 1942

Jasenovac Extermination Camp (Croatia). Serbian prisoner being beheaded by Ustase guards/militia.

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Jasenovac Extermination Camp (Croatia) Serbian prisoner being beheaded by Croatian Ustase militia.

shooting Jews in Rovno

“Nazis plan "obedience through fear": mass SS executions. In occupied Yugoslavia, 100 Serbs shot for each German death”