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I thought it was going one way... then it went a better way :)

Kuroshitsuji - Confession by Tenshi-no-Hikari on DeviantArt and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

290405-630x4370-kuroshitsuji-sebastian+michaelis-ciel+phantomhive-alois+trancy-grell+sutcliff-claude+faustus.png (630×4370)

"Kuroshitsuji 2 Tribute : Omake by kuro-mai on deviantART" Hey you know? This is kind of cute.

Bhahah XD pretty much. Free!, Haikyuu!! ,Death Note and Attack on Titan

Bhahah XD pretty much. ,Death Note, Attack on Titan and much much

tumblr, black butler

Yo the black butler manga is really really really good like better than the anime, the art gets better (if that was even possible), the story arcs get cooler, ELIZABETH IS REVEALED TO BE THE BADASS

I've seen this post so many times and always thought of Ciel. I'm glad someone finally added a picture

Hell yes, I can finally pass Algebra (or get revenge for the murder of your parents and the ruination of your family, whatever strikes your fancy)

Ouran High School Host Club, Hetalia, SAO, Okami-san and her Seven Companions, Noragami, and Fairy Tail are my anime :3

Anime love Soul Eater, Hetalia, Fairy a Tail, SAO, Black Buttler are the only ones i have seen but yay!