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Flash light Electric Vibrator

Flash Light Batteries can power more than your flashlight

Non-electric, non-mechanical vibrator

Vibrators: There may be some validity to the benefits of vibrating massage, but many of these devices claimed to cure everything from indigestion to deafness — even though the designs looked like little more than hand-cranked mixers.

Victorian Erotica | After a while, patients realized that if they could order one from ...

'Hysteria' and the Long, Strange History of the Vibrator

Meu amigo Claudio Attílio comentou que eu sou o principal responsável por estar resolvendo todas as dúvidas existenciais que ele arrasta desde o princípio de sua existência. Dando sequência, então,...

Como surgiu o vibrador?

When masturbation was used treat Hysteria it took too long to manually masturbate women, so the vibrator was created

Marketed to men too

Marketed to men too