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coisas para se pensar, ou impensaveis ao universo. È tao infinito ao meu ver e tao enorme, que é difícil descrever a grandiosidade em palavras.

our solar system, the sun, arcturus, antares, the milky way and the universe. How does the size of earth stack up.

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Pluto Probe Suffers Glitch 10 Days Before Epic Flyby

Diamond core - An exoplanet made entirely of diamonds was discovered this year by an international research team. Approximately five times the size of Earth, the small planet had mass similar to that of Jupiter. Scientists believe the short distance from its star coupled with the exoplanet’s mass means the planet, remnants of another star, is mostly crystalline carbon. http://myscienceacademy.org/2013/01/03/27-science-fictions-that-became-science-facts-in-2012/

In astronomers discovered a star composed entirely of diamond, measuring km across and 10 billion trillion trillion carats. 50 light years from Earth, the diamond star is classified as a crystallized white dwarf, the hot core that remains after

Аудиопослания для пришельцев с Voyager 1 начали продавать на виниловых пластинках http://oane.ws/2017/11/28/audioposlaniya-dlya-prishelcev-s-voyager-1-nachali-prodavat-zemlyanam.html  Аудиопослания для пришельцев стали продавать. Речь идет о сигналах, которые NASA транслировало в 1977-м году посредством аппаратуры на космическом агрегате Voyager 1. Все записи были собраны на виниловой пластинке, указывается в сообщении студии Ozma Records.

Voyager: 40 years ago the most romantic space mission flew

07/12/14, 05:25  − bron: ANP NASA: ruimtesonde New Horizons is wakker geworden - Buitenland - TROUW

This artist's concept obtained December 2014 courtesy of NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute (JHUAPL/SwRI), shows the New Horizons spacecraft as it approaches Pluto and its three moons in summer (AFP/NASA)

Scientists are eager to learn if Europa's huge subsurface ocean harbors alien life.

Europa Report: Jupiter's Icy Moon Explained (Infographic) by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist

Huge. This will blow your mind.

The scale of it all! Understanding the size of Earth in comparison to the rest of our solar system -- an amazing illustration to visualize the size and scale of our world!

Scientists have found that, on average, Mercury spins on its axis 9 seconds faster than had previously been anticipated.

Rosetta #CometLanding webcast by European Space Agency on Livestream - Livestream.com

Comet landing Day 2 Report

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Infographic Black holes are strange regions where gravity is strong enough to bend light, warp space and distort time.

At 2:30pm EST on December 4, 1965, Gemini 7 blasts off from Cape Canaveral, carrying astronauts Frank Borman and Jim Lovell into space for a mission that lasted 13 days, 18 hours, 35 minutes. (Please note this posted to the minute!!) (NASA)

The Gemini VII spacecraft carrying astronauts Frank Borman command pilot and James A. pilot was successfully launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration from Pad 19 at Cape Canaveral FL. Image Date: December 4 1965

Several views of the whole world, showing city lights and areas of greater population. Astronomers were doing.

The Earth at Night. Where can we go to see the stars with all this light pollution?