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House of Pancakes: Chinese Restaurant in Parkside Specializes in Different Kind of Hotcake | Eat | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly

One visit to the new House of Pancakes in Parkside is enough to render the worldly claims of the so-called International House of Pancakes laughable.

You know...funniest standup bit ever....my dad quotes it at least once a month

Funny pictures about I Really Love Chinese Food. Oh, and cool pics about I Really Love Chinese Food. Also, I Really Love Chinese Food photos.

There's a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon, the place that I ate every afternoon...

Chinese restaurant, all you can eat buffet not mean all day buffet you no come stay 4 hours you eat - you go home

We have all visited a restaurant at some point and had the unfortunate (sometimes laughable) experience of trying to pronounce the names of exotic dishes from the menu which are foreign to our palettes. This is an experience commonly shared in the likes of Chinese, Indian, Italian, French... Click to learn more

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Our old neighbor owned a Chinese food restaurant.  I swear this is where all our cats went!

Funny pictures about Pet missing? Oh, and cool pics about Pet missing? Also, Pet missing?

and I like Chinese Restaurants!

Wow, the word 'something' shouldn't be on any menu using to describe food.

Funny sign

All you can eat buffet not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat you go home.


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we not see your cat, stop asking, try our chicken, it's purrrfect, chinese restaurant sign - Jan 13 2016 AM

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Chinese restaurants should stick to Chinese food unless people really do like chicken nutguts. - Real Funny has the best funny pictures and videos in the Universe!