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BREAKING: FBI formally confirms its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server


I never lied this fat pos. I suppose this asshat loves tRump. Well, Leno, go stick your nose up dump,s ass.

AL Gore, inviromentalist

How many Glaciers existed when Al Gore (aka Carbon Tax Gore) was born and how many exist today

Seriously, some people need to grow up a little and move on! Stop thinking about how someone offended you over some stupid thing. Are they so petty they can't get a backbone

Hahahaha and then when their drunken ass gives birth to an FAS baby they expect the rest of us to pay for foster care cuz they don't want it!

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Pinned using PinFace! Yep, this is an Obama supporter looking for free contraception, free abortions if that fails and free anything else she can get. She will have to buy her own burka when Sharia Law comes.

Trump Train's photo.

I say "Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!


Ingraham Smacks Media Down With The Truth About What Obama Did, She Nailed It

Amen...Thank You God For hearing Our Prayers and helping keep the election honest and giving the courage to the American people to Stand up for not the same old corruption -but 2be BRAVE and Vote "Trump"-N to take back America-N make her Strong, United and Land of Freedom for All AGAIN! Amen❤️❤️

Let's not forget how he helped a Marine that was being held in a Mexican jail unjustly get home unlike our current administration which includes LYIN' Hillary.

Wouldn't ya know... Cnn and all its followers are gonna say she won- no surprise there folks

is so biased towards Hillary Clinton it is unbelievable! They have been blatantly campaigning for her the entire election season.

Hillary 4 Prison, Hillary Groped Me, #Hillary4Prison, #HillaryGropedMe

Minutes After Sean Spicer answers questions about James Comey's testimony to Congress, Comey is Fired by Trump.

~And it's working because they gave a huge propaganda jibber to their constituency, to be known in future most kindly as Confedarussiacucks.~

“I’ve received reports today saying DeVos, Huntsman, Ross, Sessions, Tillerson & Zinke are resigning for ties to Russia &/or for corruption.