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hmmmm? does it??? or does it just blur the truth? i used to be able to trust my gut... now?????

Lol is it weird to say that i cried at the part of moana when grammar tala came back as a stingray and guided her?

Lightworker's are often referred to as Spiritual Warriors . We’re here to lovingly do battle with wits instead of weapons . It’s our responsibility to teach people to manage the energy of life instead of snuffing out life. We must teach them to think greater than the circumstances of their lives, to control their thoughts and emotions and create the reality of their dreams. Spiritual network. lightworkers, starseeds, indigo children

AVA. instagram: vav.ava #poetry #quotes

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5 Things To Love About Being a Working Mum

While many of us dream of starting a business, the reality often is that we have to continue to work our day job in the meantime. Here's how to survive your day job and make the most of your experience while starting your own business on the side.