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An eye-opening truth about long hair which may surprise you... <- What that f.....

This is why I love my long hair.Plus I am Cherokee, it's just in my spirit to want to have my long hair floating on the breeze.♡♡♡ This eye opening truth about long hair may surprise you

For those of us awakened we can easily see and feel the light surrounding others

For those of us awakened we can easily see and feel the light surrounding others 💫🦄🕊💥

Brother Panic's Alters - Occult Lectures Brother Panic

Pictured in this hieroglyph is queen Nefertiti (wife of king Akhenaten). She and her husband were known for a revolution, in which they worshiped one god only, Aten Ra, or the sun disc.

Cherokees Nation

So true. The real history of Turtle Island is still not being taught consistently. The fairy tale version is being taught instead.


At the end of each day, what counts is who you are as a womb-man and a Hue-Man. Yout achievements are as nothing if you dont possess true knowledge of self and true acceptance of self esp in natural state.

Jesus Pretty sure I've heard that one before-- attis, horus, comparative religion, dionysus, jesus, krishna, mithra

All these other deities are all from virgin births and other similarities. Are they all children of god? --- so why only believe in Jesus? these other deities have almost the same story as Jesus.

not by men but by the influence of the enemy. either by their will or the lack of relationship with the CREATOR.

This is totally correct! I have studied history & theology for decades! The entire propaganda referenced here is the basis of this book of contradiction & fiction, based upon word-of-moth stories - NOT - facts. Wake up people! Stop with the gullibility!