Three-legged Raven by Larry Vienneau  The three legs symbolize Heaven, Earth and Humanity. It is one of the most universally ancient images of the raven, appearing in the China, Japan, Korea, the Neolithic site of Newgrange, Celtic art, Scandinavian art, Ancient Italian art, Egyptian art, and cultures throughout Africa.


In Chinese mythology and culture, the three-legged crow is called the Sanzuwu and is responsible for the sun’s passage across the sky. The earliest known depiction of a three-legged crow appears in Neolithic pottery of the Yangzhou culture.

Raven artwork , Raven, crow, Three Legged Crow, etching 8 inch x 10 inch 2016

Raven artwork , Raven, crow, Three Legged Crow, etching 8 inch x 10 inch 2016

Larry Vienneau The Three Legged Birds- Sanzuwu, Yatagarasu, and Samjok-o Aquatint Etching

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A Raven Insignia or Coat of Arms!!! by Scott Morgan

LOVE these Mirror Image of Raven with the Thistle in the middle! "Birds & flower" Photo by SM 2011

Teagan White

“The High Keening Trees / Annihilate Yourself”, gouache & watercolor painting for Mondo’s “Originals” show. (Title borrowed from lines of a beautiful/obscure piece of prose by John.

The three legged crow called the 삼족오 (samjoko). It was revered as a spirit that was even more powerful (and ‘regal’, seeing as it had ties to the kings) than dragons 용 and phoenixes 봉황. It was thought to live on the sun, so it has solar associations and is connected to the God of the Sun, Haenim 해님.

Yatagarasu (Three legged crow)Yatagarasu apparently have no description of having three legs in the first instance it appears in Japanese my.

would love a print of this

It symbolizes a song called "Blackbird" by the Beatles, and the lyrics have always meant a lot to me.

The Ravens

Raven (bird, crow) Series- INQUISITION II -new larger version Intaglio Etching image size inch x inch 2011 by Larry Vienneau Jr

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3本脚の「ヤタガラス」を捕獲、神話裏づけ 島根・出雲産大

3本脚の「ヤタガラス」を捕獲、神話裏づけ 島根・出雲産大