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Dear haters, I couldn't help but notice that 'awesome' ends with me and 'ugly' starts with "U"

Lol @thesalterhome I know you'll get a kick out of this based on my poor attempt of spelling defibrillator :) #autocorrect #somewordsarehardtospell by cfakhill

For all those times Autocorrect screwed us. This is a funny payback. Read this collection of 11 Funny Autocorrect quotes.

Fo yo protection...

This be better for you logged in your long n short term processes.

funny minions .. fail I have done this one too many times myself  #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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Funniest Minions Quotes Of The Week -

I'm so glad the nearest Walmart is 100 miles from where I live ~ you people scare me with your Walmart pictures and jokes.

Funniest Minions Quotes Of The Week - June 1, 2015

Funniest Minions Quotes Of The Week -

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