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DIY Garden 100 Mix Color Hibiscus Seeds Awesome Easy to Grow Flower 1

Pins are calling this a Fiery Furnace Hibiscus but I can't find it with info about the plant. I can find a Fiery Furnace Hibiscus but it isn't as colorful as this. More

I have this poster there is just something about it that I find so inviting. pagewoman: “Cat in Garden” by Greg Gawlowski

How cool is the bottom suspended seating area!? I LOVE this place! Reminds me of all the tree houses I built as a kid with my brother!

unique travel: sonya's garden (philippines) - myturtleneck | blog - unique travel: sonya's garden (philippines)

This reminds me of the Resting Rooms of Kallorm, where the sick and injured recover from their ills. All trickling water, colonnades, courtyards, billowing linen sheets and white flowers.