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How to Create Your Best Year Ever: My 2017 Bullet Journal

Don't waste time on journaling techniques that do nothing for your productivity. I've rounded up the best tips for finding bullet journal bliss!

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6 Ways To Deal When You Feel EVERYTHING (An Empath's Survival Guide)

6 Ways To Deal When You Feel EVERYTHING (An Empath's Survival Guide)

Before I knew I was an empath and before I came to learn about all the tools and practices that help me feel balanced and taken care of on a regular basis, I used to feel like I was going crazy.

Exercise helps depressed smokers kick the habit faster :: New research reveals that people diagnosed with depression who smoke are more likely to drop the habit if they get a bit of extra exercise.

First published in Dead Snakes, November "Man and Cigarette," by George Hodan, public domain

Fear of being a flawed person lay at the root of my trance, and I had sacrificed many moments over the years in trying to prove my worth. Like the tiger Mohini, I inhabited a self-made prison that stopped me from living fully.

Discover Tara Brach famous and rare quotes. Share Tara Brach quotations about heart, feelings and compassion.


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10 Life Lessons For Highly Sensitive People

10 Life Lessons For Highly Sensitive People

Navigating the Patterns of Co-Dependency: An Interview With Nasima Ali

Leading Muslims to healthy love after divorce and heartbreak

When you say, "I love you," it means, "I can offer you true peace and happiness." In order to be able to offer them, you must be able to offer them to yourself...Thich Nhat Hanh

Velcrow Ripper’s new film, Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action rolls on the new paradigm of change