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3 Steps To Turn Your Interests Into A Career


One way to earn extra money is to become an author. Are you interested in writing a book? Here's exactly how I got a book deal - and how you can too!

How I Got a Book Deal

I share how I got a book deal and how you can too. I explain exactly how the process worked and tips for those who want to get a book deal.

Why You Should Write Your Novel on Paper - Blots & Plots -

Why You Should Write Your Novel on Paper - Blots & Plots. She almost has me convinced.except the thing is, I type a TON faster than I write by hand. But I guess writing slowly by hand is better than deciding to type and not doing anything.

Everyone has a life ;) some just choose to have more than one!! It makes things interesting :)-- I so totally agree with this statement.

"I am a reader, not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have many." Barnes and Noble leather bound classics collection.

Too true

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. Louis L'Amour quote I found this to be true the other day when I started writing an essay for English. What started out as notes turned into 6

How To Blur The Lines Between Good And Evil In Your #NaNoWriMo Novel. #writingtips

The Case For Blurring the Lines Between Good and Evil

When I struggled to identify what made for a meaningful Good vs. Evil theme, I turned to The Dark Knight to deconstruct how Batman delivered his complex brand of ethics. Now we are going to use what we learned as a framework for analyzing the same theme

Guidelines For Covering Up A Murder | I'm not a murderer, I swear. *adds to list of things I really need to explain to people that I am pinning this for *purely writing purposes**

Have you ever wondered how some people get away with murder? Not everyone gets to be a detective but we know quite a lot about murders and how they happen. This infographic by Top Criminal Justice Schools shows 10 ways people cover up murders