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Carne Griffiths |Painting In Ink

Carne Griffiths |Painting In Ink

I Mix Ink, Tea, Alcohol, And Embroidery To Create These Paintings | Bored Panda

I Mix Ink, Tea, Alcohol, And Embroidery To Create These Paintings

Portraits in Ink and Tea, London Art Fair Artist Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths

Portraits made from whiskey, vodka, brandy, tea and ink

Custom Telecaster Guitar by Carne Griffiths ( )

A custome telecaster made by Marlow guitars customised with artwork in Ink and tea by Carne Griffiths - The guitar will be showing in the forthcoming exhibition at Ashdown Gallery.

I don't care, I love it | via Tumblr

Your inner appearance is hidden behind your outer appearance. You could portray yourself differently on the outside; however, what more important is your inner appearance, and how you build it.


Chá, vodka e uísque nas ilustras de Carne Griffith

Bauhinia -   UK based artist Carne Griffiths created so creative and inspiring paintings with tea and ink. His work creates a journey of escapism which focuses on scenes of awe and wonder, projecting a sense of abandonment and inviting the viewer to share and explore this inner realm.

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New Ink, Tea and Drinkable Alcohol Portraits by Carne Griffiths

New Ink, Tea and Alcohol Portraits by Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths - Buscar con Google

UK-based illustrator Carne Griffiths who works primarily with calligraphy inks, graphite and less conventional art liquids, such as tea, brandy and vodka.

Watercolor drip portrait.

New impressive portraits drawn with coffee, Tea, Ink and Liquor by London-based artist Carne Griffiths…