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Beach party food ideas: Watermelon beach bucket – so clever and (maybe) not even so hard to make! The crabs and other critters are cut out with beach theme cookie cutters.

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It's like a bonfire in Spongebob's house /// Pineapple candle centerpiece. Great idea for a Hawaiian themed party

Put ice in a kids pool & the food on top of that. This is just a link but I thought the idea was kinda cleaver.

What a GREAT idea! Use a kiddie pool full of ice on the table to keep picnic foods cold! Add netting to keep flies out. CRAFT IDEA: Sew a cover for picnics! (graduation party foods on a budget)

fruit kabobs. cut fruit in the shape of hearts. strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon and a grape.

30 opções de comidas práticas para festa de aniversário infantil

Valentines Day is overflowing with lots of candy, cookies, sweets, and all around unhealthy snacks. Why not make a delicious AND healthy treat? Something like Valentines Day Heart-Kebabs could be a great option!

Yummy Beach Party Food Ideas. Featured on Beach Bliss Living: http://beachblissliving.com/beach-party-food-ideas/

Fun & Creative Beach Party Food Ideas

No matter what the occasion, these fun and creative beach party foods will please and amuse everyone who’s beach bound! From flip flop sandwiches, to veggi palm trees, to sweet .

Ok.. this is it.  Seriously!   You make this... your kids will think that you are the absolute   COOLEST !   Other moms will be talking abo...

Awesome easy shark to make out of a watermelon, jello, and swedish fish! So cute for a pool party. Shark is swimming in blue water (jello)

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one hundred things: week II

Cute little yummy things Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches with Cream Cheese Frosting. omg Pretty AND yummy OreoCake

Smart use of cupcake wrappers - protect for outdoor serving

Cute use of cupcake wrappers as cup toppers. don't know what i need cup toppers for, but good idea

Pearly bites...(no cooking)  to make, spread a layer of pink frosting on the bottom of a small round wafer cookie. then, gently press a yogurt covered raisin or peanut on top.  Position another cookie as shown, anchoring one edge in the frosting.  Dab on white frosting eyes, then use a toothpick dipped in black food coloring to add the pupils.

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Is it just me or are candy kabobs kinda EVERYWHERE right now? At Oh Happy Day we decided to try our hand at them and were bummed to discover that they are harder than expected to get right! However, a

7 Tips to Make Perfect Candy Kabobs! (Oh Happy Day!)