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"I get in this weird mood where I don’t want to talk to anybody and just want to be left alone. I call this mood ‘Awake’." I agree with this except I like to call this mood "Going to School."

I M Introverted,Anti Social,Search

Introvert Problems - I do this all the time... Being a socially awkward introvert is difficult and confusing.

This is me...heheheh...I hate group projects. My teachers assign them all of the time. Seriously, it would be better if it was a single project. The idiots (the boys) who take all of the credit from the smart ones (ME) will actually learn something.

This is so my husband.... He will do about anything to avoid socializing.... Even when he goes to a social event, he just nods and doesn't speak much. :)

Yes! Why don't people understand this! Why would I go to a party when I can stay home and read :))) <- We are sooo much alike!!!

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