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my OC was dubbed the arbiter. On his suicide mission, he killed his whole team, except for his friends, who had been plotting this with him. They went into hiding until the elites with drew from the covenant. They fought along side the UNSC, and eventaully became ship masters in the New Militia of the Sanghelli kind. 3 Open OC  for whoever wants to be my friends.

This concept art of the armour of the arbiter from halo is so cool! LOVE IT!

Yu Cheng Hong f2                                                       …

Card game illustrations from Yu Cheng Hong

We& featured Yu Cheng Hong& vibrant art before on Geek Native. This gallery is a collection of designs for app card games like Deity Wars, Ragnabreak, Dragon& Shadow and the Atlantis Online MMO.

Awesome Robot Monkey

– Awards – Exposé 9 (issue Pirate robot, making of: details developing sketches/concepts.