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This freebie is a Penguin Memory Game (can also be played as a scavenger hunt) with the English colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, as well as the Spanish colors rojo, anaranjado, amarillo, verde, Azul, and morado. Penguin graphics can be found here and are by:

Feed the penguin! Fun DIY preschool game. - could have cards that say "Fred the penguin only eats circle fish" or "Harvey the penguin only eats square fish" also could do with letters "Patty only eats vowels" etc

Penguin from a Swiss cake roll, cut large marshmallow, orange spice drops and flattened tootsie roll wings. Big hit with 4 year olds!

Two ingredient snow recipe made using common household items- this stuff is amazing! It is naturally cold and feels just like fresh fallen powder in your hands. So easy to make, too. My kids love this sensory snow!

Apple Cars Fun Kid Snack

Is your son a picky, slow, eater? Make him a fast and furious eater! Fruit Cars! They love playing with food, and they can, but they also love eating the food! @yummybloggin