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Instagram Does Web Search

Instagram Does Web Search

Semantic Search & #SEO - How This Google Update Affects Your Ranking #Infographic #Marketing

Semantic Search & #SEO - How This Google Update Affects Your Ranking #Infographic #Marketing

Knowledge Graph has made Google's search engine smarter, and perhaps will send brands back to the drawing board with their optimization strategies. #pr

25 Search tricks you won't know how you ever lived without!

Use Branding Effectively on Your Company Website | #Immutable_Laws_of_Branding #trademarks #online_presence

Hiring a reputable web design company can be a tough decision. But if you know what you are looking for and you are aware of the tips when choosing a web design firm, you can make sure you find the best Louisiana web design company.

Google Search Just Got 1,000 Times Smarter with the Knowledge Graph. This should only affect one or two word searches (short tail) not long tail searches.

Google Search Just Got 1,000 Times Smarter

Search giant builds a database of people, places, and things. Its content will be appearing in your search results starting today.

Google has longed to create a search engine that thinks like a human, with the ability to understand a phrase and better determine the goal of an individual's search query. Through the use of semantics, Google has been able to accomplish this. To get a better understanding, take a look at how the meaning and relationship of words play a role when searching the web.  http://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2013/05/how-google-understands-what-your-search.html

How Google Understands What Your Search Means [infographic]

Implement these three SEO tactics in this ultimate semantic SEO guide for 2017 to fully optimize for voice search and the progression of Google search engine results.

The Ultimate Semantic SEO Guide for 2017 & Beyond