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Brb just digging my grave because I just died ;<<< same here, I'm just really glad that in this fandom, we don't care what country you're from, we all understand that we love BTS a lot and that's what matters the most! Love you ARMYS!

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Part of why BTS is so amazing. And let's not forget how when jungkook was feeling awkward and wanted to go with them but they started nagging him and saying that he had to make friends. They are still nagging him to make friends.

We love you!!!❤❤❤❤❤

He once made a promise to never cry, because it was a sign of failure and weakness We love you, Yoongi!

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Jungkook walk with lucky dog

Yuuuuuup *___________*

the sun is shining, my acne is cleared, and my grades along with the economy just skyrocketed

Deixa eu te beijar??  Por favor :-*

Hahahahahaha how many girls died looking at this, I laugh at ur pain. But I ain't gonna lie, he really is beautiful, as always