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11:11: What Does It Mean? Why Am I Seeing It All The Time? - "1) Higher Self + Guides Communicating With You 2) Mirror Sequence 3) Twin Flame Gateway To Union 4) Symbolizes Twin Flames Together As A Whole 5) Ascension Is Afoot + Awakening To True Soul Self 6) Twin Flame Awareness + Alignment + Attraction 7) Twin Flame Confirmation 8) Entering Higher Phase Of Ascension 9) Progression To Harmony And Union 10) In A Significant Period Of Existence + Twin Flames Remembering Energetic…

- Higher Self + Guides Communicating With You Mirror Sequence Twin Flame Gateway To Union Symbolizes Twin Flames Together As A Whole Ascension Is Afoot + Awakening To True Soul Sel

Twin Flame Union - "WHAT IS IT?: Twin Flame Union is also called an Alchemical Marriage or Soul Merge, referred to as a balancing and coming together of the Divine M/F Counterparts. HOW DO YOU GET THERE?: This energetic Union can only happen between true Twin Flames. It happens once the Twins have reached Vibrational Alignment - being cleared from resistance, and brought back into the original harmony. Also described as a return to the shared "Soul Song" (the core frequency of the Twin…

'One Soul In Two Bodies': The Journey of Returning to Original Bliss, Unconditional Love and the Twin Flame Soul Song. Your questions about Union answered.

Credit union tellers know who you are! We get to know you, your family, your story, and your finances. We actually care about getting to know you. Come join a credit union for some excellent member service!!   Try a credit union! One Vision FCU serves anyone who lives, works, or worships in Clark, Floyd, and Harrison Counties in Southern Indiana. Visit onevisionfcu.org

The Ups and Downs of Working as a Bank Teller

Sharks are some of our favorite sea creatures to (safely) encounter on our dive trips and we love learning more about them. For instance, did you know that some species only grow to be 6-8 inches long? #sharks #scuba

Shark Wranglers infographic

Here are six free and inexpensive apps that will help make you a better student and save precious time in the process. 2013

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A school in England is facing backlash after it sent a letter to parents threatening to add a “racial discrimination note” to the file of an...

‘A Social Agenda That Crosses Color Lines’: Black Americans Speak Out in Support of the Second Amendment

I think this info is interesting also for those who love New York, the language is part of the atmosphere.

How Does London Vocabulary Compare With US English?

The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force by 25 May, 2018. This infographic has everything you need to know about the #GDPR. Available training resources: http://www.identity-theft-scout.com/eugdpr-training-resources.html  #cybersecurity #dataprotection

The European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is going to have a major impact on cyber security worldwide where trade involves the identity of European Union residents.

Must-Ask questions to your wedding venue. via Martins Caterers

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