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Percy Jackson

Omg!!! Funny!

Headcannon: accepted <<<Omigosh I forgot about Nancy Bobofit. That book was so long ago.

Idk how i feel about this but hey.

i don't ship them. but at the same time this is pretty cute. maybe Caleo instead of Leyna<-- this is cute but WHO DA HECK SHIPS LEYNA? i kinda ship nico and reyna assuming nico was older

Yes, he's gay ladies.

ohmygod im crying and laughing and i cant stop and i wish i had emojis on this laptop to explain the feels im getting right now like im dying

I need to concentrate. I can do it!-Percy

I need to concentrate. I can do it!-Percy <-- Annabeth- aww he look so cute when he tries to concenterae

The brick came to wish its only true love a happy birthday the best way it knew how.

I think this happened.

I think this happened.