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Blue hairdo #blue #hair #bluehair #retro #hairdo #beautiful #pretty

Blue hairdo #blue #hair #bluehair #retro #hairdo #beautiful #pretty

Hubble Space Telescope image of a star forming. Amazing.

"a photograph of a star forming, courtesy of Hubble… --This is the most amazing image from space I have ever seen :)" - I can't believe this is even a photograph! It looks like a painting!

How the Sun looks from the same place same time, every week of the year. The pattern is known as 'analemma'

really neat! almost an infinity symbol - pp said "Individual images taken of Venus in one year to create a full curve. The summer solstice being at the top, winter solstice at the bottom, and equinox where the lines cross (by Jesús Peláez)"

Human Body Elements

Human Body Ingredients via imaginaryfoundation: 'The average human has approximately 100 trillion cells and each cell is made of approximately 100 trillion atoms, each of which were originally created in the center of a star.

Cúmulo Trumpler 16. Es un cúmulo abierto en la Nebulosa Carina, una inmensa caldera de gas y polvo en la constelación de Carina, la Quilla. WR 25 y Tr16-244, un par de estrellas colosales ubicadas dentro del cúmulo. WR 25 es la más brillante; Tr16-244 vecina es la tercera más brillante, encima a la izquierda de WR 25. La segunda más brillante, a la izquierda de WR 25, es una estrella de baja masa situada mucho más cerca de la Tierra que la nebulosa de Carina.

Wide-field image showing the region of WR 25 and This cluster is embedded within the Carina Nebula, an immense cauldron of gas and dust that lies approximately 7500 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Carina, the Keel. by CarolinaBarbosa

right...i used to wonder why the Bible made such a big deal about the earth not moving and how it is fixed with a sure foundation...God evidently knew what we would be taught to swallow.

Funny pictures about Now I feel dizzy. Oh, and cool pics about Now I feel dizzy. Also, Now I feel dizzy.


Jupiter's Great Red Spot: Taken by Voyager 1 through color filters and recombined to produce the color image. Assembled from three black and white negatives by the Image Processing Lab at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. -by NASA/JPL

Earth's satellites. It just makes me wonder why we need so many of them.

Funny pictures about Every Single Satellite Orbiting Earth Right Now. Oh, and cool pics about Every Single Satellite Orbiting Earth Right Now. Also, Every Single Satellite Orbiting Earth Right Now photos.

Space the galaxy

An everlasting collection of our stars produced, edited and captured by several artists. Originally compiled by delirium. It looks like puppy paw prints though :)

#longhair #hair #curls #headchain #pretty #girl

#longhair #hair #curls #headchain #pretty #girl