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I'm literally tearing up right now. If you can play what you love to play, please don't take it for granted. I got hurt a couple years back and now I can't play soccer anymore and it breaks my heart. I would do anything to get back on the field

10 Actual Bruce Lee Facts// wow! I wonder if all this is "actually" still it's pretty impressive!

The Bruce Lee facts are interesting but I don't like the disrespect for Chuck Norris; He was a legit champion and martial artist. Both were good in their own ways and close friends.

Martial Arts

Martial way. The only person you have to be better than is what you were yesterday This is not just for martial arts - it applies to all your endeavors, relationships too.

Exactly.  Black belt means you have a solid understanding of the basics, and now you can start putting everything together.

People must understand that being a black belt is not being a master! It is having a solid base, a good understanding of the basics. You are a black belt, you are not invincible.

Original work by Master Scott C. Homschek

The above work represents thoughts expressed by the Master Homschek (Owner/Chief Instructor) during our classes. In essence they serve as the guiding principals by which we teach our students.