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Not really cuz there are a lot of times that I dream about other people and the dream doesn't mean anything.

Sometimes I do actually. Or if I have frequent dreams about certain people I wonder if they dream about me as much? Or are we having the same dream at the same time with each other filling the other person's role in the dream?

This is the worst!!!  Esp when it happens to your child!!!

Yeah, like they make a friend group but doesn't include you eventhough you have assumed them as your bestfriend. Like the girl squad that sit behind me. I feel like I am left behind by them. And it really hurt you know?

ESPECIALLY if you have curly hair...it's a nightmare...

ESPECIALLY if you have curly hair.it's a nightmare.<<<<<wavy hair to it's horrible

Ur mind is now blown!!!

Ur mind is now blown!

teenager posts funny - Google Search

teenager posts funny - Google Search