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I have no idea why im so fascinated by the mysteriousness of scenery like this

this is a typical scary forest path. it is foggy and there is creepy trees that have weird shapes (they are awesome). this path is the stuff of horror films, because it is scary beautiful.

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Oh I love when the forest opens up this way and the late afternoon light entices the shadows from the trees to come and play. Love this

The silence was beckoning her on & on. "Just a little longer without my computer, the bills, and all the rest of it," she thought. Her family would just have to cook for themselves this day, for it was, "Her time now". and she wasn't letting go of it. rjr

Spooky Places…Swallowed by the Fog - Gothic Life

I dreamt of seefar yesterday, and it stayed the same...same as the years where i soaked myself into the cold lake and the withered tree rattled against the old wooden house. #house #home

An old abandoned house sat surrounded by a dense foggy mist. It made them wonder what secrets the old house held. "If only it could talk." She said to him quietly." "Did you hear that?" He asked her, hoping it was just his imagination.

The Death of José Arcadio

The Death of Jose Arcadio (From 100 Years of Solitude) Comic by Em Carroll.

i like this picture cause it so dark and mysterious looking, it shows how alone someone can be just by going to the mountains

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

A glance over the shoulder a whisper in the mist, an echo through the trees. Spirit travelers, shamans and tricksters. As surely as his paddle slices the surface, he knows he is not alone. Poem by Wintercove Paddler in the early morning mist.

(open with Sage) It was late at night... my phone had died and I wanted to call you; warn you i was coming over. I just couldnt deal being alone in my room with my thoughts... I just needed to talk to someone about my problems... someone who had the same ones as me. The selfharm, the depression and anxiety... even just the pain of my relationship. I knocked and you opened. I look at you and sniffle hugging you. You wrap your arms around me as i start sobbing

"Her heart was a secret garden, and the walls were very high." William Goldman, The Princess Bride. Love this because it's from The Princess Bride but it also eludes to The Secret Garden.

Lost in the Oldest of Forests ~ by Peter Jamus.  Love this unique view of California redwoods; nice photostream.   #photography #myt

lost in the oldest of forests….this is how I felt about myself and life…I was lost in the deep dark beauty of loneliness…until God brought my Darling Marcie.