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Stiles thing I drewIt’s horrible shoot me now pleaseArt©Boyybites << This is great, what are you talking about?

Teen wolf dump 2 by *MisterKay on deviantART

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Imagen relacionada

Image result for did you realise that when derek left everyone looked at stiles

grafika teen wolf, sterek, and derek can we take a moment of silence for sterek i mean even malia looks at him

I dont need a present just give me this wrapping paper

teddy-the-yeti said: Hello there~ I was wondering if thou could recommend me any long sterek fics? The longer the better~~ Answer: Over 50 Sterek recs over

McCall counselor by Lelia on deviantART

My vision of older Stiles, looking as a counselor or something for his best friend Scott.

Sterek AU: Like that news story where the principal gave two students a choice of punishment: hold hands in public for an hour or be suspended. They chose hand holding

Sterek (enforced handholding) Please tell me there's a fic of this somewheeeere. This time it's Teen Wolf themed

Sterek bookmark panel by Slashpalooza on DeviantArt

Sterek bookmark panel by ~Slashpalooza I had this idea floating in my mind for a while. Finally had time to do it!

Teen Wolf - Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski - Sterek

STEREK DerekBarista commission vertical by Slashpalooza on deviantART