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Really tasty and extremely filling, pork and apple plait is an inexpensive showstopper.

By Arnold Gatilao from Oakland, CA, USA (Apple Pie) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

After my 3 ingredient orange chicken recipe became so popular, I decided to try this sweet and sour chicken sauce recipe! I have to say I was baffled at how much easier this was than my normal recipe, and yet how incredibly delish! The glaze is perfectly sticky, sweet and sour. I think you will love this one …

You have to try this Crispy Chilli Chicken, it really is gorgeous - who needs a Chinese Take away!!??

This is a kind of Bouillabaisse, though less soupy. There are lots of recipes out there, and they vary in what they are asking for, like paprika and saffron. However, I thought I’d keep it really simple and keep the flavours of the fish to the fore. Besides, I do use harissa paste, which many recipes ask for, but I make my own because I don’t like it too hot, and it’s very expensive - whereas my own chillies make a great version for not much.

Pancetta is the easiest bacon you can make, and you can add any flavours you like.

Stollen is a bread with marzipan and fruit - really gorgeous!

Leek and potato soup, a gorgeous, creamy and inexpensive soup, perfect for autumn!

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