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Chakra 1 -Muladhara- Mount Shasta, North America -

Locations of the Earth’s Chakra Points: Our Planets Energetic Body

Mount Shasta, California when i lived in hawaii all those years i missed the mountain and one trip home I had Jamie Carlberg pain me the mountain he was a great local arrtist and my oil looks like this, it warms my heart. sunset on Mount Shasta

Best Day Hikes: Pacific NorthWest #travel #roadtrips #roadtrippers. I feel so spoiled to live in this area. Will definitely look into some of these hikes for our upcoming road trip!

The Pacific Northwest's Best Day Hikes

www.johnpirillo.com  http://www.crystalinks.com/mtshasta.html

Mount Shasta - (c) Kevin Lahey.Sacred mountain in California. Lenticular cloud or extraterrestrial's spacecraft?

Medicine Lake is located at an elevation of 7000 feet in the caldera of the Medicine Lake Volcano in northeast California

Thomas Doty is an award-winning native storyteller. He lives in southern Oregon.

Lassen Volcano State Park is definitely on the bucket list!

Lassen Volcano State Park is AWESOME. Cant wait to explore the valcanoes


Captured near the Centimudi boat ramp on Shasta Lake north of Redding, California, USA

This is Mount Shasta, an active volcano in Northern California, at sunrise. For more about Northern California's volcanoes, see: http://www.infobarrel.com/Active_Volcanoes_of_Northern_California

Northern California has nine active volcanoes. Some are more obvious, such as towering Mount Shasta, and others are less well known. Each is rated by USGS as having varying threat levels for future eruptions, ranging from very low to high.