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If you or someone you love has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you know the chaos and frustration ADD / ADHD causes.

ADHD Adults and Distractions: Concentrating with White Noise | ADDitude - Attention Deficit Disorder Advice  | I don't think my son in particular has ADD but he does have a hard time completing his work (does great listening) so maybe white noise will help.

“Sounds Hammered My ADHD Brain Like Blows.”

Smart Comebacks to ADHD ADD Doubters ~ Silencing Skeptics: The Truth About Attention Deficit Disorder.  free printable handout (you need to quickly login) ~ These are REALLY good reads!

Smart Comebacks to ADHD Doubters

Are you or your child newly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Often wonder all the ways it can or does affect you? Check out this easy to read resource to learn more about ADD and ADHD. Smart Comebacks to ADHD Doubters

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ADHD adults share these top 25 ADHDisms, highlighting the humorous side to living with ADHD symptoms.

Free Resource: The Funny Side of Living with ADHD

The first time I suggested that my husband try essential oils for his ADD, he looked at me with that “please don’t make me smell like a girl” look. Poor guy! He didn’t realize that most essential oils smell natural, and you do not walk away from the bathroom smelling like the fragrance section in …

Essential Oils of Attention Deficit Disorder

paying attention to lots and lots of things...except the one thing I should really be paying attention to disorder.  Yes!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Distraction Women’s T-Shirt ADHD Quote

I need this t-shirt! Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Distraction Women’s T Shirt ADHD Quote

I don't have attention deficit disorder....

oh my gosh yes. I dont have ADD attention deficit disorder. I have this isnt interesting enough to pay attention disorder. Understand the difference. I actually have adhd, but you get the idea

Time management tips that work for ADHD adults. Get the FREE download now!

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Why ADD adults are usually late.and how to improve your time-management skills so you'll be on time, everytime. Expert tips from Kathleen Nadeau, Ph., and Michelle Novotni, Ph.